The Chair focuses on the term “People of God”: the identity of this people and its experiences as handed down through Scripture and Church tradition. The Chair seeks in this way to deepen understanding of the lasting Jewish imprint on the Church and its original form of life – community.
The Theology of the People of God sees itself as “science of experience” (C. S. Lewis): it emerges from the life of believers and aims at the renewal of the People of God. Within the horizon of the modern world view, this theology connects reason and faith, working to achieve a synthesis of the various theological disciplines.


In close collaboration with the Pontifical Lateran University, the “Chair for the Theology of the People of God” was established at this university in 2008. It continues, at university level, the work of the “Academy of the Theology of the People of God” which was initiated in 2003 by the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.


Prof. Dr. Achim Buckenmaier , Director

Prof. Dr. Ludwig Weimer , Director 2008-2011

Prof. Dr. Michael P. Maier

Publications of the Chair

Achim Buckenmaier – Ludwig Weimer (Eds.):

A poor People of God for the poor in the World.
The Challenge of Pope Francis

Lateran University Press, Vivae Voces 21, Rome 2014
“A poor People of God for the poor in the world”

Achim Buckenmaier – Arnold Stötzel – Ludwig Weimer

Die sieben Zeichen des Messias
Das eine Volk Gottes als Sakrament für die Welt.

Regensburg 2012. ISBN 978-3-7917-2426-3
Partial publication of the lectures from the academic year 2010/11