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This homepage focuses on the term “People of God”: the history and identity of this people and their experiences as handed down through Scripture and Church tradition.

Central to this is the knowledge of the enduring Jewish character of the Church and its original form of life – community.
The theology of the People of God understands itself as “emperical science” (C. S. Lewis): it emerges from the life of believers and aims at a renewal of the People of God. Within the horizon of the modern world view, this theology combines reason and faith, working to achieve a synthesis of the various theological disciplines.

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Theology Forum presents fundamental contributions as well as texts by guest authors which have caught our attention and take a stand on society and ecclesiastical issues. Interpretations of art works (paintings, sculpture, and architecture) are published here on a regular basis. The archive of these contributions is available in the menu bar under “Theology Forum”.

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Bruno Alber, art teacher
Achim Buckenmaier, prof. Dr, theologian for dogmatics
Tamás Czopf, Dr habil., theologian for dogmatics
Gerhard Lohfink, prof. Dr, New Testament scholar
Angelika Matzka, editorial office
Ludwig Weimer, prof. Dr habil., theologian for dogmatics
Konrad Wierzejewski, Dr rer. nat., parish priest