The Professor Ludwig Weimer Foundation

The foundation

Professor Ludwig Weimer was the founding director and a long-time professor at the chair for the Theology of the People of God. In 2010, at the occasion of his 70th birthday and in connection with his theological work, the Professor Ludwig Weimer Foundation was established.

Profits from the endowment fund help to finance scholarships for students of theology, symposiums, publications, and the education of priests.

The preamble of the foundation charter says what the foundation is aimed at:

The theology of the People of God reflects the relationship between Old and New Testaments and the rootedness of Christianity in Judaism. This way, it serves the religious understanding of Jews and Christians, as Pope Benedict XVI expressed it at his visit to the synagogue of Cologne on August 19, 2005:
“We must come to know one another much more and much better. Consequently, I would encourage sincere and trustful dialogue between Jews and Christians, for only in this way will it be possible to arrive at a shared interpretation of disputed historical questions, and, above all, to make progress towards a theological evaluation of the relationship between Judaism and Christianity.”

Based on this background, the foundation is aiming to further develop the biblical theology of the People of God as part of the Roman Catholic Church’s theological system; it is doing so by combining the various theological disciplines.

The main purposes of the foundation:

  • To carry out theological-scientific events and research projects for the development of the theology of the People of God
  • To produce publications
  • To support encounters between Jews and Christians
  • To enable students from all parts of the world to study the theology of the People of God
  • To support the education of priests

The aim of the Professor Ludwig Weimer Foundation is to financially support the further development of the theology of the People of God. In accordance with the notice of exemption by the Munich Tax Office (Tax ID  143/235/65342), the Foundation has been acknowledged as a Foundation under Civil Law serving non-profit and tax-privileged purposes.

The Person

Ludwig Weimer was habilitated by Prof. Joseph Ratzinger. Topic of his thesis was: „Die Lust an Gott und seiner Sache. Oder lassen sich Gnade und Freiheit, Glaube und Vernunft, Erlösung und Befreiung vereinbaren?“ (= The delight in God and his cause or: Can grace and freedom, faith and reason, redemption and liberation be reconciled?)  (Foreword by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger – Herder, 1981).

Since 1978 Ludwig Weimer has been a member in Joseph Ratzinger’s Circle of Disciples. This international circle was formed out of those who had acquired their doctorial and professorial degrees with Professor Ratzinger. Even when Joseph Ratzinger became Archbishop of Munich and later Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and during the papacy of  Benedict XVI, the group was continued under his leadership. Among the members is Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, Archbishop of Vienna.

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